a sad day

I cannot find words to express how I feel right now.

I rewrote this post for a hundred times,

but instead of explaining my feelings and emotions

I left you with the below picture…*

It is a sad time.

It is a scary and dangerous world we're stepping into.

Let us understand that before it’s too late.

My thoughts are both, with the family of the President of Gdansk


with the person who I believe is a hero of our difficult times, Mr Owsiak


*and two links (for those who haven't heard what has happened in Poland and my beloved Gdańsk) EN, DE

street photography Gdansk sad

fal, nie ma fal, nie ma fal

There’s a hit song in Poland played on the radio. I’m not such a huge fun of it but still, it’s a hit so it stays in my head for a bit longer. Especially looking at those pictures. Don’t you think?

(oh, btw in Polish the title is: ‘there’s no waves’, you can check this out here)


Hit Dawida Podsiadło chodzi po głowie, to i zdjęćie się znalazło. A może odwrotnie. Kto to wie. W każdym razie refren wdarł się do mej głowy i na dobre zagościł, nie odpuszcza więc go za pośrednictwem tego posta ze zdjęć wypuszczam…

Naturalnie można sobie do tego pośpiewać, tekst znajdziecie tutaj.