spread the wings and...enjoy the New Year!

I went through my latest work. Photography was my main work in the previous year but it also led me to a brand new chapter. I have learned a lot, watched the master of color grading at work and I must say that I am already passioned about the new way of working with a picture, motion picture my friend.

I hope to show you my work here in the coming months.

In the meantime, let's have a look at the most liked and commented pictures from 2018 (you can open each pic by clicking on it or contact me to get a full resolution versions).

As Sinatra once sang: It was a very good year.

And the new one will be even better - as Best is yet to come

I know it already, and you?



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a backstage kind of love

Do you remember the autumn TVN spot to which I co-wrote the script? I mentioned about it here and here. Below you will fond the last pictures I have from the set.

Pamiętacie jeszcze spot, do którego napisałam scenariusz? Pisałam o tym tutaj, a nawet tutaj. Poniżej znajdziecie jeszcze kilka zdjęć z planu. Stara Papiernia w podwarszawskim Konstancinie ma wiele do zaoferowania, zwłaszcza jej nieodremontowana część.

tvn set spot

It does look different than on the movie, doesn’t it? Hope you enjoy it. Those pictures has been taken in the other old factory in Warsaw.


Nieco inaczej to wygląda na żywo niż na filmie prawda? To właśnie lubię najbardziej ;)

This location could use a renovation.


Ta stara fabryka mogłaby zostać odremontowana…

But on the other side - it looks brilliant in the spot. Don’t you think?


Ale z drugiej strony - wygląda w spocie idealnie ;) Choć to nie jej zasługa a sztabu wspaniałych profesjonalistów ;)

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