a sad day

I cannot find words to express how I feel right now.

I rewrote this post for a hundred times,

but instead of explaining my feelings and emotions

I left you with the below picture…*

It is a sad time.

It is a scary and dangerous world we're stepping into.

Let us understand that before it’s too late.

My thoughts are both, with the family of the President of Gdansk


with the person who I believe is a hero of our difficult times, Mr Owsiak


*and two links (for those who haven't heard what has happened in Poland and my beloved Gdańsk) EN, DE

street photography Gdansk sad


And now it's time for some dance!

Flamenco in its strictest sense, is a professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain in the autonomous communities of AndalusiaExtremadura and Murcia. In a wider sense, it refers to these musical traditions and more modern musical styles which have themselves been deeply influenced by and become blurred with the development of flamenco over the past two centuries. 

So as the tradition comes from Andalusia - I invite you to see some dance !


Flamenco to wręcz zjawisko kulturowe, związane z folklorem andaluzyjskich Cyganów, obejmujące muzykę, śpiew, taniec, strój i zachowania.

Jego tradycja pochodzi z Andaluzji, i skoro tam do dziś można oglądać jego wykonanie

 zapraszam Was na spektakl!

Tak przy okazji: chyba muszę sobie sprawić taką chustę. Białą, czarną czy czerwoną?