spread the wings and...enjoy the New Year!

I went through my latest work. Photography was my main work in the previous year but it also led me to a brand new chapter. I have learned a lot, watched the master of color grading at work and I must say that I am already passioned about the new way of working with a picture, motion picture my friend.

I hope to show you my work here in the coming months.

In the meantime, let's have a look at the most liked and commented pictures from 2018 (you can open each pic by clicking on it or contact me to get a full resolution versions).

As Sinatra once sang: It was a very good year.

And the new one will be even better - as Best is yet to come

I know it already, and you?



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from the rain lover

Looking at those pictures I know why Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Somehow, autumn is connected with the passing. This or maybe the fact that I was born in autumn make this season spacial close to me.

OK, to be completely honest - it's colorful and raining - LOVE IT!

Royal Łazienki in Warsaw even in a very late autumn, when the sun is already hidden behind the smog - looks dignified.

Somehow - a few photos remind me ofJanet Jackson video to the song 'Come back to me..'. Such an old, old song (aaaaa, I guess that basically means that I'm also old ;))

It's nice to play it behind the pictures ;)

What other song would you play?

Have a nice day.

autumn Warsaw

Jakimś sposobem przemijanie tak kojarzone z jesienią zawsze było mi bliskie. A może to fakt, że urodzono mnie jesienią?

Jednym słowem - jest kolorowo i pada - BAJKA!

Łazienki Królewskie w Warszawie nawet bardzo późną jesienią, kiedy słońca za smogiem dawno już nie widać - wyglądają dostojnie.

Jakoś tak - niektóre zdjęcia przypominają mi, albo raczej kojarzą się z videoklipem Janet Jackson do piosenki 'Come back to me'.

Taki stary, oj jaki stary (aaaale jestem stara i ja ;)) teledysk.

Warto puścić w tle ;)

Chyba, że macie inną propozycję?

Miłego dnia.